Eye of the Cat

Mojo Herbs and Artifacts

Herbs and their healing powers have been known to man for ages. In awe of the mysteries of these powers in nature, man carried them as Amulets and Talismans for protection from sickness and evil and to attract good things. Listed here are the occult attributes of our herbs, according to ancient manuscripts, grimories and biblical references. These attributes are NOT to be construed as medical advice. Nor are the various roots and herbs intended for consumption. They are to be used as Amulets and Talismans only, and are to be carried on the person in the pocket or Mojo Bag…


$2.00 ea.           

Brings the blessing of the Celtic Gods, gives wisdom and personal power.


Adam & Eve Root

$10.00 pair             

Powerful for love: woman carries Adam Root and man carries Eve Root to keep the couple happy and true.

Apple Seeds

$2.00 portion           

Put 7 seeds in a bag with orrisroot to make lover sexually attracted to you.

Bat Heart

$20.00 ea.               

To place a hex on a foe, write their name on parchment in Dragons Blood Ink and wrap around Bats Heart and Bury, (VERY DIFFICULT TO REMOVE)

Beth Root

$2.00 ea.                

Carry in charm bag to send Evil spells back removes hexes.

Black Cat Bone

$20.00 ea                

Carry a sliver for good fortune, protection and financial success.

Blow Ball

$3.00 ea.                

Carry in a Red Bag to grant wishes, also blow to the four directions when seeking a lover.



Wrap a buckeye in a dollar bill, anoint with King Midas oil and carry near money for constant increase.

Camphor Cube

$2.00 each        

For prophetic dreams mix with Prophetic Dreams Incense and burn before bedtime. Also, excellent for cleaning ugly vibes out of homes, burn on charcoal and carry through home.

Cat Claw’s & Whiskers

$10.00 pair       

Put in a White Bag and place in a Car to protect from accidents, thieves, mechanical problems and tickets.

Cat Claw's or Snake Head Root


Carry to protect from slander, arguments and harassments from enemies.

Devil’s Shoestring

$3.00 portion    

Carry in a Red bag for protection, also put in a small jar with whiskey and camphor, and when any sort of Power boost is needed, take out a piece and carry or rub on hands.

Fairy Wands

$5.00 ea.          

Dedicated to Tatiana, Queen of the faeries brings aid from the little People and grant wishes.

Four Leaf Clover (Sympathetic)


Carried in your wallet for extreme good luck and increase in money.

Four Leaf Clover (Authentic)


See Four Leaf Cover, Sympathetic for attributes. Our authentic clovers are hand grown by us. Please check for availability.

Galangal (Chewing John)

$3.00 ea           

Burn a little John the Conqueror incense for 14 nights, save the ashes and put in a Yellow Bag with a Galangal and carry to court for success and favor with judge and Jury

Healing Heart


Carry and rub with Healing Oil for heart and health problems or rub with Forget Him or Forget Her Oil to heal a 

broken heart. Rub with New Life Oil to let go of the past emotional hurts and pain to move on to a better future.

Heart’s (Pink or Red)


See Healing Heart.

High John the Conqueror

$6.00 ea                  

Carry in a Charm Bag for Love, Gambling Luck, good Health and Money. An essential for any charm bag.

Jezebel Root

$2.00 ea

Powerful money herb, as well as a powerful cursing herb. To make a money nest egg, burn a green candle anointed with Jezebel oil. When candle is melted, gather the wax and mold it into an egg shape, push a Jezebel Root and a penny into the wax egg and place in a bird’s nest and sprinkle with Money Draw Powder and bury at a crossroad, guaranteed to double yearly income.

Job’s Tears

$2.00 for 3               

Carry 3 Job’s Tears to find a good paying job (anoint with job oil), Carry 7 job’s Tears in a Charm Bag for good luck.

Lotus Root

$ 9.00 ea                 

Carry to keep thoughts pleasant and clear, attracts powerful Spirits to give strength and help in all endeavors.

Lucky Hand Root

$ 6.00 ea                 

Carry in a Green Bag to bring the best of Luck to you. Also protects one from all the harm a hand can do.

Lucky Horseshoes

$7.00 ea                  

Hang over a doorway to bring GOOD LUCK and HAPPINESS.

Magnetic Lodestones  

$5.75 each

These wonderful stones are a natural magnet and are said to draw anything you desire. Some use one or two in each pocket to attract wealth, others in a Mojo bag. It is a curious and delightful stone, Feed with magnetic sands.    

Available in Natural, Green, or Red. 

Mandrake rRoot

$3.00 ea                  

One of the most famous and Powerful! Magical Roots, carry to draw Love, Increase Virility, Stops all Evil.

Money Pods

$2.00 ea                  

You have never seen Money Grow on Trees until now, carry and Money quickly flows to you.

Nutmeg with Mercury

$20.00 ea            

These nutmegs are filled with mercury to attract fast luck. Put in a Mojo bag or carry in your pocket. Many satisfied gamblers use a fresh Nutmeg for every game or trip to Las Vegas. There are several Spells in the book of “Black and White” by Marie Laveau that call for these nutmegs

Oak Galls

$6.00 ea              

Bury one with a picture or signature of an enemy to make them rue any harm they have done to you.

Orris Root

$5.00 ea              

Carry to attract Lover, sprinkle the powered root on clothes to attract Lovers, also wrap a pictures of the one you want around the root, tie with a red ribbon and hang over bed. They will be unable to resist you.

Rose of Jericho

$12.00 ea            

Place in a bowl of water on a Tuesday or Friday and say a prayer for health, joy and wealth over it, after 3 days use water to bless home. Leave plant in water to catch bad vibes so they cannot harm you. Change the water often.

Samson Root


Strengthens virility, carried as a Charm will soften others’ hearts.

Sand Dollars

$5.00 ea              

Protects finances from being stolen, lost or frittered away.

Sharks Teeth


Adds potency to any Charm Bag for Money.

Snake Skin

$ 4.00                 

Carry in a yellow bag and anoint with Snake Oil for gambling Luck.

Spurge Seed

$10.00 for 8         

Carry 8 in a White Bag or hang over doorway to purge Evil Spirits, Ghosts and Poltergeists from Home or person very strong.

Star Anise

$1.00 ea              

A favorite good luck charm kept in home or carry in Luck Bag, also placed on each corner of the altar and renewed each week.

St. John’s Bread


Hang over doorway, excellent protection from evil spells and poverty.

Swallow Heart


Very potent Love Charm, place in a purple bag with an artifact of person desired, such as a picture, signature or nail clippings. Add an Orris Root and keep sprinkled with Drawing Powder to gain the object of your desire.



To torment someone who has wronged you, bury on his or her property. To get rid of an unwanted guest, sprinkle under bed they sleep in.

Wish Bead


Make a wish on one and toss it over your left shoulder into running water to gain your favor in 7 days.

Wish Bean


Put a pair in a Blue bag and anoint with Wishing oil and make a wish, carry until wish comes true, then burn.

Witches Burr


Adds Great Power to any Spell or Ritual, defeats any kind of Evil Force by its presence.

Wonder of the World Root


To find treasure, wrap a “Schemhamphoras Seal” around the root and anoint with “Voodoo” oil and tie root to a string 13” long. Use as a Pendulum or Dowsing Rod to lead you to treasure.

Wood Rose


Gives Great Occult Power to anyone who owns one. Difficult to get and very potent.

Some items are seasonal and may not be available. Prices subject to change without notice.