St. Patrick's Snakes Social

Tuesday, March 17th

6 pm to 10 pm - potluck*

St. Patrick

aka Maewyn (at birth),

aka Patricius (roman name change)

is celebrated today for "chasing the snakes out of Ireland". (Snakes are believed to the the symbol of paganism since there are no snakes in Ireland.) However, Patrick did not chase anyone out, he simply began merging rituals, customs and celebrations of druid practices with the teachings of the catholic church and won them over.  

Come share refreshments with those of like mind. 

We invite you to help us lighten the footprint; please bring your own table wear such as plate, silverware, cloth napkin, cup etc. 

* Don't know what to bring to potluck? (bring what you like to eat and/or drink and enough to share)!

Mead Moon Independence Day Street Party

Saturday, July 4th

More info to come