Eye of the Cat's Update Page

What We Know About The Fire

There was a fire which occurred around 9am Monday the 9th.

Our cats Belladonna and Merlin succumbed from smoke.

The fire was caused either by a candle (or incense) under the top shelf of our alter. This is not a place we burn candles or incense.

Pat, our Sunday clerk has received a lot of blame and negativity. She is not to blame and being the last person there could really use your love and support and prayers to heal at this time. She is a very special woman.

Clean Up

Now due to the weather and the air inside the shop we are slowly beginning our process.

First, we are dealing with insurance, and reviewing what can be salvaged.

Next we will remove what we can and prepare for demolition getting permits and dumpsters, etc.

Then, we will begin clearing out.

Health Risks - Not Just The Virus

We are aware of the worlds health issues but are also concerned with endangering your health from the air quality in the shop after the fire. Even now the smoke particles are dangerous. So if you are someone who has difficulty with asthma, CPOD, or any kind of respiratory issue we will try to find another way for you to help as there is much to do.

How To Stay Informed

We are working on that. Meanwhile watch our Facebook, Instagram, and here on our Website.



Other Ways To Help